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What to do next?

So you’ve put in the work? Gotten that song down and now you’re sitting with your dope ass beat in hand? Well you’ve come to the right place. Through this site, I aim to show you what it is to do with that little mp3 of glory you have. From how to promote it online to how to secure your copyrights as well as many more techniques that from those that have spent years perfecting their craft. A true master is an eternal student and even the best keep learning, so check in for new posts.

Also, if you’ve got a handy tip you’d like to share than feel free to leave a comment below.



First on your agenda should be to upload and share your sounds with all the other people in the world. Gone are the days of passing around physical copies that you took the timSoundcloude to burn and make look pretty (something I’m very familiar with). With the internet, sharing music has never been easier. There are various sites out there that will allow you to upload for free, but by far the best out there right now is none other than Soundcloud. It is the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform with tracks from the biggest names, to new and emerging artists you can’t find anywhere else. Signing up is free and it’s hella easy to just jump in, so I’d definitely recommend it as your first stop.



By Dmitriy G. from Moscow, Russia - MaschineUploaded by clusternote, CC BY-SA 2.0, more time you put in, the higher your skill gets, the more you’ll demand out of the equipment you need. Besides your software (and healthy dose of talent…you know…that’s still fairly important), you’ll eventually need monitors (a fancy word for speakers), a microphone, a MIDI Controller, a great set of headphones and an interface between your computer and your gear (and I’ve barely scratched the surface). Upgrade whenever possible to keep yourself motivated as a producer or artist.


Open Up Shop

If you feel like your beats are worth a pretty penny then you definitely be looking to sell some of those bad boys. Many sites are available for you to host and sell your music off their website or your very own, but you can never go wrong with good ‘ol iTunes. As you move from singles to mixtapes to albums and so on, you’ll need to establish more of a business through your music. All of these topics will be discussed on this site at a later stage.


Keep Learning

Above all else, you have GOT TO KEEP LEARNING!!. I mean, even Dr. Dre is still working to perfect his craft. So any videos worth watching or new tricks worth trying I’ll be sure to post and share here but it’s up to you how great you wanna be.

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