FL Studio 12: A Beginner’s Best Friend

FL Studio 12: A Beginner’s Best Friend

Fl Studio 12 Producer Edition

Ah Image Line, it’s as if only yesterday I discovered the 9th version they created. I was only in high school then and now they’re back and bigger than ever with the release of FL Studio 12. This, to me, is still the best starting point for any bedroom producer as you can literally start making your song from the first click. Later I’ll be bringing an in depth FL Studio 12 review but for now I thought I’d talk about the things I personally loved about this music making software.


The Free Trial

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a free trial available from their website. Immediately upon opening the program you were presented with the basics to get the ball room with a sequencer that even a child could use. After 30 minutes of tinkering I already had enough boom-bap in my beat to feel excited about the idea of continuously being able to do this. My only problem was the inability to save (something that exists today) but what can you expect from a demo. For any body interested the Fl Studio trial version is available here.


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Producer Edition

Once you’ve gained enough experience I highly recommend upgrading to the full package but for the full experience you definitely need to get FL Studio 12 Producer Edition. The possibilities are endless and i found myself limited only by my own knowledge. The more I learnt about my craft the more use I got out of this software as it has many of the plugins and capabilities of some the leading industry programs out there. The more my skill demanded, the more it seemed to supply.



Even with all that, there is still a lot out there that doesn’t come standard. You’ll find yourself gathering samples and loops from all corners of the internet, and I guarantee there’s the right plugin for your project (if you don’t already have it. Although it’s no longer my main DAW, I still look back fondly at the time I spent with this program as mindlessly created chords and patterns to stick together in, what I would proudly call, a dope ass beat! So for those of you interested in getting your feet there’s no better place to start than with Image Line and FL Studio 12.


Feel free to comment and share your own experiences below.


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2 thoughts on “FL Studio 12: A Beginner’s Best Friend

  1. Chris

    I’ve always found the workflow a bit sketchy on FL studio when compared to Ableton or say Reaper. I think it’s probably because I’m a qualified musician and I need audio tracks more than I need midi tracks or piano rolls. Do you feel FL studio is lacking in the audio side of things (acoustic instruments?). I even find that Edison a bit sketchy!

    1. Ryan

      Yes! We’re definitely on the same wavelength. The MIDI and Piano rolls were great to just get in and get going but once my own skill developed and I learnt more I naturally needed to progress to something better. Currently I’m using Ableton Live 9.

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