How to Write a Song for Beginners

How to Write a Song for Beginners

Many think they can, few ever try and even fewer get it right. Yes, songwriting is an art form that no-one masters overnight. So here’s a few of my guidelines on exactly how to write a song for beginners.


I Feel a Song Coming On…

Inspiration is without a doubt the key to writing any song and it can come from absolutely anywhere (except from other people’s brains because you know…that’s called piracy and stuff). Musical NotesGet it from your life, your love, your home, your car, your dog even. I guarantee it’s everywhere you look see and touch. You could hear a drum beat and be inspired by all the melody’s you could lay over it. Everything from the bass to the keys, it doesn’t matter. It’s that easy. Just find it and go with it because you never know what the end result might be.


Practise, practise, practise..

You’ve probably heard this saying a thousand times since the day you were born, well I’m going to say it to you one more time! (You guessed it) PRACTISE. MAKES. PERFECT. The situation is no different when it comes to the art of writing the perfect ballad. Now I’m not saying, become a music making machine pumping out as many tunes as you can on tOn The Daily - How to Make Hip-Hophe daily, but just putting pen to page (yes! good ‘ol paper!) whenever you can is a great way to keep that creative juice flowing. Write a poem, write a nursery rhyme, write about your day, about how you feel even, who care? You don’t even need to show it to anyone. The bottom line is: JUST WRITE!


Paint a picture…

Songs can be like books. They come with a great beginning, a captivating middle and it all boils down to a climactic end (Well, the best songs do, I think). So make sure you keep enough room between your verses and your hooks (also, make sure you can tell them apart) by giving each an appropriate length. You don’t wanna rush the song through but you also don’t wanna bore your audience to the point where they want to skip your song, straight up shooting yourself in the foot. To me it’s all about balance…like cooking: you’ve got to find the right balance of flavours to create a great dish. Keep the energy consistent and above all else: Be Entertaining!


Feel It…

At the end of the day, all of this means nothing if you don’t feel every note, every chord, every word and every rhyme. So for real! Just feel it man! As long as you love the music you make, somebody else will too.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


Ryan C. Voller, Recording Artist – Producer – Creator/Contributor for


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10 thoughts on “How to Write a Song for Beginners

  1. Rosa

    Hi Ryan,

    Musicians write stories about themselves, about life or whatever they may feel or as a way of expressing themselves. The idea about writing about your dog or your car, well I never thought about these as something to write about.

    I agree that you have to feel every note, chord, every word, and rhyme. This is a talent one can eventually achieve with time, persistent and consistency.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ryan

      True those are quirky concepts but everybody’s gotta start somewhere.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Larry

    Ryan, do you ever get started with the words? Sitting down to write, do you start with writing the music or the words – I mean, is it a blank piece of paper or do you work right away with sheet music? I’m curious because as a writer (of words) we tend to begin with the blank page or an idea or even with just random thoughts that eventually form into something cohesive – after a lot of editing. What is your process to get started? I think that’s the biggest thing. Just getting started.

    1. Ryan

      I usually go with whatever I feel in the moment. I could use any of the starting pints I mentioned above.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Peter

    Thanks for the post, I’ve tried writing some songs my self and have fail to make them sound any good lol. Reading your post mad el me realize that maybe the reason the songs aren’t good it because I don’t practice enough and because I don’t really put my heart into it sometimes. But it’s true practice make sure perfect and I got to feel and visualize the song. Thanks for the post once agin, very informative.

    1. Ryan

      Thanks for leaving your comment

  4. SaM

    It’s the first article of that kind I find online. I have been asking myself the question – what’s the formula of writing song. There is none. It’s a mixture of feelings, practising every day, trying new sounds and writing. The writing I have never though of. But it seems easier when you have words and not only “la la la”. Any tips on how to write a hit song a part from writing on a daily basis?

    1. Ryan

      Try to be as far away from any electronic device as you can. It sounds a bit hippy-ish but something as simple as not having your phone on your person while you’re being creative actually makes a difference.

      Hopefully this helps and thanks for leaving your comment.

  5. Kegan

    Wow, great tips! I come from a rock background, so it’s great to read about songwriting from the perspective of a beats foundation.

    You’re absolutely right too, you don’t need to show anyone your progress, just write write write and you’ll improve to the point that you’ll be PROUD to show everyone you tunes!

    1. Ryan

      Whadup Kegan.

      I’m glad you agree with the points I made, especially since you come from a different musical. It shows how Universal this subject is

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