Skullcandy Hesh 2 Review

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Review


  • Brand: Skullcandy Hesh 2
  • Design: Over-ear
  • Frequency Response: 18 KHz – 20 KHz and 50mm driver
  • Features: Detachable cable; microphone and single button in-line remote for music and calls
  • Cheapest Place To Buy:
  • Price: $39.99

Let’s face it. Not everybody’s got money for the high end stuff (you know, starting with a “B-” and ending with an “-eats”), yet you still wanna hear your favourite track thumping at the with some great quality. I invite you to look no further than my Skullcandy Hesh 2 review because, after all, I actually own a pair of these bad boys. No technical stuff, just real talk.


The Sound

Right, let’s get down to what really matters. I’m not going to hit you with a whole lot of sciency stuff about Ohms and impedance (ask your science teacher), instead, I’m going to tell you straight up, these puppies are killah! Feel the world fade away as you slip into almost complete isolation. The impressive low end (the fancy term for bass), the crisp vocals and excellent highs give such a clear image that I’m proud to say I’ve used them for nearly every song I’ve made so far. Even without the volume turned up everything just sounds natural, absolutely nothing was missing. The


The Fit

Okay, so bad news if you wear glasses (which I do whenever I’m too lazy for my contact lenses). You won’t be wearing them for long as a result of the pressure on your ears can get a bit much pressing against the arms of your specs but you know what, take those off and I rate everything will be fine again. So besides that, I could rest these bad boys on my head for hours as I’m on the grind. They’re great to travel with and are just the right size to sit comfortably around your neck or in any carry-on luggage. Many other headphones often leave your your ears sweaty with prolonged use but the memory foam in these cans provide great insolation while still leaving your poor little ears room to breathe.


The Long-lasting-ness…

Quite frankly I thought I would’ve moved on to a newer or better pair by now. Either because they broke (like many before…it’s not me I swear) or because I’d upgraded but after two years, I can safely say that they’re still going strong. Even the headband feels as sturdy as the day I bought it. And yeah, I’m not the most responsible guy, like, I’m pretty sure I even kicked them once (don’t do it). The one achilles heel theses headphones have, however, is the aux cable that runs to your device. It’s very weak at the stress points (i.e. close to the connector) but luckily, it’s detachable (thank goodness) so replacing it is fairly easy.


Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with these, especially if you just got into the music game. I mean, I didn’t even say anything about how cool they look. I mean seriously, great sound delivered in a great looking piece of headgear? What more could you want?  If you’re willing to spend more than you’ll obviously find something better, but for everything you need at a price you wanna pay look no further than Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones.


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14 thoughts on “Skullcandy Hesh 2 Review

  1. Sal

    I can’t agree with this more. I teach high school music and we just got skullcandy headphones shipped to us. They are quite amazing. Not only are they comfortable around the ear but the sound is studio quality. All my students try to compete over who gets the Skullcandys and the regular headphones. Great article. Best Wishes!

    1. Ryan

      Thanks man. I find them to be such a great medium between quality and price. I totally understand your students though, I would react the exact same way. 😀

  2. Keith

    I am a big fan of Skullcandy. I’ve owned a few pairs of their earphones that I’ve used for working out.
    They aren’t cheap but as with everything you get what you pay for.
    I currently have a pair of Logitech headphones on right now. I’ve preferred them for some time now when I’m working on my PC, but your review has made me seriously consider someSkullcandys for more than just exercise time.

    1. Ryan

      Often I find my favour for SkullCandy coming down to nothing more than the design to be honest. 😛 Many high end brands have too much of a robotic feel that often deter me from picking up a pair.

      Thanks for leaving your comment Keith!

  3. Farhan

    I first saw Skullcandy a couple of years back at the local electronics store. My first impression of them was that they were meant for casual music listening and not for critical listening.

    But after reading your review, I might just give them a shot in the near future. What type of music do you normally mix with these headphones? Is it just mainly hip-hop?

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Ryan

      Hi Farhan.

      My main genre is Hip-hop but I’ve used my pair to produce Dubstep and even to mix live instruments before, so all in all I find their design appeal an added bonus to a great set of headphones.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Zarina

    Hey, Ryan!

    Loved the simple language you used to write a post (I was praying you don’t use “sciency” language because I seriously don’t understand the ohms and other relevant terminology).

    Now, from what I understand – you definitely recommend Skullcandy Hesh.

    Here’s the problem, though – most of the time I wear glasses (and I never wore contact lenses in my life) – so it is worth buying it for me?

    What would be the alternative option instead?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. Ryan

      Hey Zarina.

      To be honest, for everyday music listeners (and especially folks wearing spectacles) I’d rather recommend the Skullcandy Earbuds as they are more suited for the casual user. Hesh are a great set for the studio and so forth but don’t pressure yourself when theirs a comfortable option.

      Hope this helps and thanks for leaving your comment.

  5. Marcelochelo

    Hey man!

    Thank you for your review, currently I’m searching for a great not too expensive headphones. I’m learning how to mix music for my own videos on you tube, so I don’t have to worry about copyright, do you think this pair headphones would be nice for a beginner mixer? Cause they look really pro stuff!

    Thank you


    1. Ryan

      Definitely! I can confidently suggest these for a beginner mixer because that’s exactly what I use mine for, and have done so for years.

      Definitely get yourself a pair

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  6. Pitin

    Hi Ryan,

    Do you know how long is the cable on this? I am only 5′ and I often have to use cable ties to make headphone’s cable shorter, otherwise, I will accidentally step on them. Yeah, okay, you can laugh at me now, LOL.

    Looking forward to your response. Thanks!


    1. Ryan

      Hey Pitin.

      The standard cable is 1.2m. I dunno if that helps because I myself am just over 6 feet 😀 so I wouldn’t know 😉

      But the great thing is that it’s detachable, so you can switch it with a shorter one if you want.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  7. Peter Horst

    I’m really considering buying a pair of these headphones for me, even though I wear glasses most of the time.

    I hear nothing but positive sounds about these Skullcandy headphones, and I’m a real music lover.

    Thanks so much for your review, I guess I’m ready to buy now! 🙂

    1. Ryan

      Go for it homie! Mine are still going strong!

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

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